Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Physically on the Inside, Superficially on the Outside

So I don't really know if it's just our generation and its new found fasination with death and the acult or we all are closet serial killers or what but skulls an skeletons are definately a popular art topic currently. Last March I was assigned a "Fashion Project" in my phtotgraphy elective. The idea behind the project was to make a statement with colors and to inccorperate the "model" into the art with the image, or in other words the image was supposed to be very superfical and not portray the person but the clothes, make up etc. I ran with this idea and  immedately contacted my two "models" Johnathan Carriger and Aimee Martin. I love these two to the extreme and knew that they would be the perfect candidates for my little creative experiment.
I wanted to express the idea of making what is physically inside the model superficially outside.  I went about  creating my image by using my models (vicims) as canvases. 

The process of painting them took longer than expected (note-to-self: when painting friends have them arrive hours early). Being teenagers and unemployed we decided not to spring for body paint and used my acrylic paint...bad idea we discovered later...I began with covering them  with a base coat of white paint. Atop that I went in and drew on the bones with a thick liquid eyeliner pen.The shading and filling was powered eye shadow from the drugstore. Cheap, easy, and effective. 
So...after the 2 1/2 hour  paint job we started shooting. I hung an ironed white sheet over my garage door to use as a back drop and set up my tripod. 

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