Friday, March 7, 2014


Hello there world! Sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile...been pretty busy...anyway I'm going to talk about a portrait of my best friend I recently completed. I've attempted to do sketches of people but never a full fledged portrait of someone. Above is a graphite/charcoal drawing of Desiree Hernandez  my main bestie. 

I began this process by stocking her Instagram profile for a suitable picture I could use as reference. #creeper

After this step I blew the image up on my monitor and used the light from the computer to work as a light table would, only vertical. I outlined only around her face and lightly marked with circles where her eyes, nose, and lips lie.

From there it was all refining and shading. When drawing a portrait you want to focus on the highlights and shadows in their skin. This will bring out the form of the models facial features and keep the model's characteristics in place (it looks like them) without over drawing/shading and putting attention on maybe the areas the model does not quite admire about themselves. Lucky for me I chose a model that has no flaws(;

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