Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Favorite Time of the School Year

Hello my friends! Happy Easter and all that! I have to say April is probably my favorite month of the school year art wise. Unfortunately this year I've been annoyingly sick but I still got to enjoy some of the main activities I've looked forward to all year. First, was my school's annual
Chalk Festival!

Me and my friend Michael working on our chalk drawing.
 I've participated in my school's chalk fest for the last three years but this year instead of a group of four or five it was just me and my partner Michael working on a smaller piece than the last two years. We decided to draw a rendition of Bruce Mackay's motoGP artwork. Valentino Rossi is my family's personal favorite moto rider so I was really excited about drawing this. Basically chalk fest is a bunch of the art students (art 2- AP) form groups and set up in the quad for two days with towels, umbrellas, and chalk pastels to draw art pieces to auction off at the schools art show. 

 I love this event! It's so much fun and I didn't even get sun burnt this the past I've turned purple...and the pictured turned out far better than I anticipated. I'm not quite sure how much it sold for but I was told that my photography teacher's girlfriend bought it. Yay!

The art show follows Chalk Fest later that night. The whole art department displays their work outside in the quad for the school to see. Photography, artwork from art 1-AP, Chalk drawings, and tape sculptures are displayed and some are also available for purchase. 
Some of my art work on display at my school art show.
With being sick and all I was hopped up on meds (proscribed by my doctor don't worry) and kinda went a little over board on the egg decorating...super fun though so I didn't mind the lack of sleep. 

The best part about Easter though is getting to spend it with my kooky family. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Moving on from anything is hard. Breaking habit is even harder. How do you break out of out orbit without flying endlessly into space? --Weird things I found myself pondering late last night. Not that I'm really looking to change anything in my life or have any habits I really need to break other than picking at my split ends--gross I know I'm working on it--but I mean really there are certain things that are just part of your own vicious circle of life that you just keep revolving around. Do you quit things? I personally quit things all the time...ya know for like a day. I say "No I'm done, it's over" and then two days later I miss the normality of spinning. Do you have a guilty pleasure? **coughcough--my dad and cigarettes--coughcough** I can see the smoke coming over the wall you're hiding your hand behind Dad. Habits are comforts. It's as simple as that.  They're something that becomes a constant norm and for some reason we love normal. That in itself is a guilty pleasure, we don't praise normality, we praise the odd and goofy. Artists are the perfect example. I would never in a million years describe myself as "normal" or "average" those are dangerous adjectives. Yet look at me...I live in the stereotypical American Dream household, I go to a good school get good grades and take selfies with my Starbucks. I'm pretty normal. I mean, I writing this on my damn blog. I took a hard reality check the other day that really set this rant off. There is something I have got to walk away from and I think (like most teenagers) publishing written evidence online should make that concrete (sarcastic voice). so I'm done, it's over but luckily for little normal me I have some odd and goofy people with habits of their own to orbit with in this vicious circle we call life and I couldn't be happier.

My vicious circle, I have a habit of loving them