Thursday, November 14, 2013

Climbing Sabotage

She Bends over backwards to mend the rope she's climbing. Sabotage. 
I'm fairly certain that every teenager feels like all you do is inch farther in life; slowly and tediously climbing that rope to adulthood. And sometimes it can feel like that rope is unraveling right beneath you. Maybe your grades take a dive after bombing  test or your "love of your life" dumped you for the homecoming queen/king or your parents are riding you about your duties at home or maybe it's all that at once. Either or we all know the feeling of sheer helplessness, anxiety,  and insecurity. And if that isn't enough to deal with someone/something has to come along and just snip that rope your trying so desperately to mend.  I have a dear friend of mine who lost her dad recently, out of the blue he was just gone. There she was chugging up that rope we call high school and all of a sudden she was almost literally hanging by a thread. Never have I witnessed such strength and fortitude as she literally rebuilt herself from the ground up. Long story short, life is constantly trying to sabotage you. Keep climbing my friends.


My attempt at trying to draw scissors from memory turned out pretty good!

Over view before coloring, sketch pad @18x24in. 

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  1. Enjoyed seeing the progression of this piece and also reading about your thoughts on teen angst. Excellent!