Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Death and all his friends [Summer Projects]

Hello world! My apologies for lagging on posting lately been quite busy as of recently. Some of you may have seen on my Instagram or Facebook my recent art project/social experiment that took place earlier this month at the local county fair. But I'll get back to that...so I didn't nearly come close to my goal of completing my entire art portfolio this summer but I did keep busy with art work here and there. I had the fortunate opportunity of designing my friend's first tattoo and completed, a well over do, drawing for my lovely Aunt. I'm stoked on life with how well they both turned out!

So now for the explanation to the title Death and all his friends. As part of my art portfolio concentration I painted 9 of my close friends like skeletons and went and waked around the county fair. Now before you say to yourself, "Umm...okay these kids are freaks.." remember...we are. That day was the highlight of my summer this year. Not only did we get treated like rockstars or some kind of celebrity with the amount of people who wanted to take our photo but the reactions we got from the masses were quite interesting. 

 More explanation on the message/point of this project to come with the further progression of my portfolio I promise. (:


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