Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Little Disturbed

Creepy much?

Hey guys! Happy October!!! So several times over the years my very intelligent Grandfather has commended me on my artsy-fartsyness while implying the question, are you emotional/mental okay?...I always laugh and say, "yes Grandpa I'm all good there it's just an artistic style or subject I'm interested in." But then while my friend was studying next to me a couple days ago I took a hard look in the front camera of my now shattered iphone, sigh, and realized...maybe there's a reason Grandpa thinks I'm emotionally disturbed. You see, I was bored and decided to take my make up bag and paint on some extremely creepy monster make-up on my face to pass the time...ya know casual.  Anyhoo...once I decided that my stitches were on point I played around with the webcam effects on my laptop as you can see below. So anyway yeah maaaaaaaybe Grandpa had a point. I doon't believe I am emotional disturbed just maybe a little artistically inspired by disturbing things?? Anyway it's Halloween season so I FIT IN! WOO!

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