Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What is Your Deepest Darkest Dandelion?

Think into your most deepest darkest of desires. What wonders and terrors you may face while scouring what may lie just beneath your gated exterior. Think. Think long and curiously. What do you crave for the most? What fuels your every breathe and wills your next step? What do you wish for at midnight, on a shooting star, at 11:11 am/pm? What comes to mind when you see a dandelion? 

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone has survived the tsunami of "New Year -New Me" posts on Instagram or whatever social network you're perusing late at night while coming down from your "oh-so exciting lives!" 
My very handsome and very wonderful father--oh uhh I mean Santa--gave me an INCREDIBLE art set for Christmas and as you can see I now have a new charcoal/ Sharpie image to add to my portfolio. 

Hands are my nemesis and feet are their trusty side-kick. So for any other art freaks that happen to read this here's a small tip that helps me extremely:
Position your hand the way you want to draw the hand on the paper and take a picture of it.
You won't believe how much help this simple (very uncreative, sorry) little thing can be. Pop! Mind blown.

Until next time my friends, comment your new years resolution below! 

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