Thursday, December 26, 2013

I call her Rudolpha

Merry Christmas guys! Hope all was well and merry this year. I had a fantastic holiday this season, with gingerbread man-baking, Christmas Eve with my mom's wacky family and Christmas Day with my wonderful Grandparents. I've been slowly working on this piece since late August-September. It was inspired by one of Glenn Arthur's pieces from a few years ago. 

The face portion is Prismcolor colored pencil. I used water color paper because I liked the texture I got with colored pencil; I then went in with India Ink and a calligraphy pen and started outlining. 

I got the idea to add the snowflakes to the drawing/painting while making paper snowflakes out of coffee filters. I should also mention that the hair, background, and snowflakes are all acrylic paint.

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