Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Moving on from anything is hard. Breaking habit is even harder. How do you break out of out orbit without flying endlessly into space? --Weird things I found myself pondering late last night. Not that I'm really looking to change anything in my life or have any habits I really need to break other than picking at my split ends--gross I know I'm working on it--but I mean really there are certain things that are just part of your own vicious circle of life that you just keep revolving around. Do you quit things? I personally quit things all the time...ya know for like a day. I say "No I'm done, it's over" and then two days later I miss the normality of spinning. Do you have a guilty pleasure? **coughcough--my dad and cigarettes--coughcough** I can see the smoke coming over the wall you're hiding your hand behind Dad. Habits are comforts. It's as simple as that.  They're something that becomes a constant norm and for some reason we love normal. That in itself is a guilty pleasure, we don't praise normality, we praise the odd and goofy. Artists are the perfect example. I would never in a million years describe myself as "normal" or "average" those are dangerous adjectives. Yet look at me...I live in the stereotypical American Dream household, I go to a good school get good grades and take selfies with my Starbucks. I'm pretty normal. I mean, I writing this on my damn blog. I took a hard reality check the other day that really set this rant off. There is something I have got to walk away from and I think (like most teenagers) publishing written evidence online should make that concrete (sarcastic voice). so I'm done, it's over but luckily for little normal me I have some odd and goofy people with habits of their own to orbit with in this vicious circle we call life and I couldn't be happier.

My vicious circle, I have a habit of loving them

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